List of Modulation Destinations in Mod Matrix

Could someone direct me to a list of all the Modulation Destinations available in the Mod Matrix?

I’m trying to determine if I’d be able to control four important Effects parameters via CV ins.

Beside the default mod destinations such as “sequence change” etc (corresponding to the effects loaded by default, “out” and “midi”, I don’t think there’s a complete list. The list of mod destinations increases as you add effects to a specific track. But yes, it would be nice to see a list of available mod dest. Edit: maybe each param is available, never checked that before :thinking: will report back.

It would also be nice to add the the ability to trigger the randomizers to this mod dest but that’s another topic, I will ask if it’s a possible improvement :wink:

Edit: I’ve checked and each parameter of each effect loaded on a specific track seems to be appended to the list of mod destinations. (Correct me if I’m wrong). These params are listed in the manual

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Which is here:

It’s also worth noting you have 4 mod matrix per track, so CV A in can effect up to a possible 32 parameters.

It’s also worth noting that for full control, you will need to attenuate & offset the cv going in as you’re unable to do that via the Hermod. Also the effect (when assigned to the mod matrix) destructively changes it’s existing value to a fixed default. This is different to setting a value and then letting cv modulate around that center point (like almost every other Eurorack module).


Woah. Okay. Very good to know.

When one says that the paeans are listed in the manual, it’s inferred that ALL available effects parameters are addressed via Mod Matrix? I’m not seeing a part of the manual that specifically states that.

But I am seeing what @Elberstein noted above that they all populate as effects are added—which is very cool.

Having a choice of either method would be ideal as sometimes I would want to give bi-polar CV to a parameter to raise and lower around a center value, but mostly I’d be looking to use the CV outs on a 16n faderbank, which are unipolar. Only thing is that having to scale/offset those channels may get a bit cumbersome in the rack. Would be ideal to take care of that on board Hermod the way Pam’s New Workout handles its CV inputs. That way each input can be saved into a preset so as to perfectly scale each fader to the desired range without fear of bumping the analog/outboard offset/attenuation and having to get all forensic to readjust.

So yeah, thanks for the help, you two.

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This has now been addressed with the 1.6 update - yeah!

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