Lfo to eurorack?

Hey! Just getting my eurorack up and going and was wondering if i could get an lfo out one of the midi channels. I already have a midi to cv convertor… was just thinking this would save me some of that precious eurorack money. :slight_smile:


I pretty sure you can do this. In the LFO plugin you set the CC for the LFO and will then be sent out on the midi channel of the track. I am not in my studio at the moment to check how I am doing this, but I have LFO’s set up controlling midi controllable guitar pedals.

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You know you can also use the CV Env out in conjunction with the LFO CC FX to send an LFO as CV direct to your rack. Save the midi-CV converter for another job.

Assign Mod to the Env out in settings and set your LFO CC FX to 01. You’re done.



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