LFO Sync isn't in Sync

I kinda expect better from Hermod with stuff like this. On my unit if I have the clock going out of one track and a synced square LFO going out of another track—both at the same rate—they drift out of sync. Check out the photo - this was probably over 30 seconds.

The problem seems to be the LFO’s don’t actually stay in sync even when sync is switched on. If I test other clock sources (like the gate out of the Arp or Euclidean effects) they stay in time with the clock tempo.

I tested this on two different Hermod running OS 1.3. (I also submitted a bug report).

Come on @squarpadmin, I really want to support your product, but you need to get basics like this working.


Oh crap - this has been going on for a while LFO in sync mode but not staying in time - not cool.

I have the same problem with LFO.
the LFO’s don’t stay in sync when sync On.
it’s not practical and very painful!
I hope they correct this in the next update.

Same issue here but doesn’t seem to happen always