Lfo midi sync and clock divider not working with Moog Sirin


I can’t seem to be able to send some midi cc commands to Moog Sirin via the assignable knobs. For example cc #85 (lfo shape) is being sent, but lfo midi sync (#87) or lfo clock divide (#86) are not doing anything.

I mapped the same cc commands to my Beatstep Pro and the commands work fine, so the issue has something to do with my Pyramid.

It would be great to get this to work.

I little update: I figured I should probably turn midi A sync to “send” from the Pyramid’s settings. At least my Prophet '08’s lfo midi sync is working fine with this setting, but
Sirin on the other hand still isn’t working properly.

When midi A sync is sending the midi timing clock to Sirin, it freezes the lfo rate. So Sirin’s lfo rate knob isn’t doing anything at all when It should be changing the clock divider settings. If I assign the clock divider to Pyramid the result is the same, it doesn’t do anything with the lfo rate.

So compared to Beatstep Pro, Pyramid is doing something wrong when sending midi timing clock, I suppose.

I’d double check what you are sending from the pyramid.
setting->info->midi out

the pyramid is just sending midi, I cannot see why it would have a particular problem with one particular synth in sending a CC.

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Hey I’m glad you posted this. I experience the same thing on my Minitaur (basically a Sirin in black clothing) actually. LFO midi sync won’t allow me to adjust the rate with the rate knob on the synth when synced to pyramid. I have several synths running off the same midi output on the pyramid and they all sync without issue, so I imagine it’s something to do with the Minitaur, but I haven’t been able to pinpoint what the issue is. I would really enjoy a solution.
I always turn off CC# 87 so the rate knob will actually function, but I would like to have sync!

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