LFO effect... bipolar options?

So… I realize that the LFO outputs 0-127 when sending it to a CC so technically its always going to be a unipolar LFO, but a lot of the time, LFOs are used in a bipolar way. Coming from eurorack, I almost never use a unipolar LFO.

It doesn’t really make a difference with MIDI CC’s until you want to tweak the depth or even modulate the depth with another LFO (or a CV input… is that possible?). Usually when I am modulating some parameter of a synth with an LFO, I want the center to stay consistent while I play with the depth, but with the LFO effect, we’ve got to also worry about the offset value.

Anyway, I think it would be nice if there was an option with the LFO to operate in a more bipolar friendly way where instead of an offset percentage, you can just set the center value that the LFO will oscillate around. Then we can modulate the depth of the LFO without having to worry about where the offset is…


Great idea!