Legato , sustain pads on the Hapax

Hi, quick question about legato and changing clips.

I have a pad playing INF on clip 1 and 4 bars. Every time it finishes the 4 bars, start at bar 1 again sustaining the pad sound, which is what I want. Great!
However…on clip 2, I want the same pad, and some cc automations (that´s why I need a different clip), BUT, I don´t want the chord to stop when I change from clip 1 to clip 2.

Any ideas???

Thank you!

No one??? :frowning:

Hi @antispop

Currently, the retrig of notes between patterns is inevitable.
One workaround is to use a different track for your CC automation, which btw is a very powerful and fun workflow :wink:

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Hey, thanks!! Actually I came with the same solution, not bad, although I need to be careful of not changing the whole row of clips!