Legato only slides?


I’m looking at the Hermod to replace my SE engine for playing live because I really like the idea of having the sequencer in my case ready to go. I’ve read through the manual and some of the update notes but I can’t find a clear answer - can the Hermod sequence legato only sides between notes? I know it can do standard portamento where all notes are slid but it’s crucial that I be able to have only tied/overlapping notes slide if desired.


kinda itchy, but a workaround would be creating a track that modulates legato value from 0 to whatever you need when the notes you want to link occurs. you can do this by creating a modulation track and input the cv out of this track to 1 of the 4 cv inputs, and then set this input in the fx matrix to act on the legato value on the corresponding track. if you want to spare the cv out, you can link the usb host and usb device port, or the midi in and midi out port then put a midi out plugin on the track and set your needed midi channel and cc according to the track where the fx to modulate is. then you go to the fx matrix and set the corresponding cc to modulate the legato effect. itchy, but totally doable, these are just classic automation you would do in a daw


Sounds like a nightmare! Thanks for the answer.


of course is not the fastest thing to do, but i´m sure there are other ways to do this. it would be way easier (user side wise) to just add a parameter that lets you glide only on overlapping notes