Legato (i.e. slightly overlapping) notes?

Is there a quick way to sequence legato (that is, slightly overlapping) notes on the HAPAX without recording live? Right now, I think I have to zoom in all the way to get the smallest unit of length-per-square, arrow to the beginning of the note (which can be a pain at high zoom) , hold it, increase it by 1, then zoom out again. Kind of a pain. Anyone have a trick?

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does Hapax in Step mode work like Pyramid where setting note length at a certain value (say 4) for the first entered step remains persistent (unless you change it) for all new steps entered thereafter, i.e., every new step will hold for 4 beats when entered

yeah, no way to ‘micro increment length’

yes, length works same as on pyramid, and you can copy/paste notes… but for sure, bit fiddly for this.

the pyramid also has a legato option… perhaps something similar could be add to the Hapax.
chat with Squarp about this.

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I wonder if this would be a good use of an algo, actually. When applied it would lengthen the selected notes (or every note if none selected) to “the start of the next note +x” where “x” is selectable between say 1–1/128th or something?

Please add any thoughts and I’ll write up a feature request.