Learned a neat trick for quick chord entry

I might have missed this and others might get this intuitively, but writing it for others like me.

I had been using learn to copy chords, but it seemed clunky switching between views, editing length, etc.

Then I realized you can hold the live button down in step mode, select a chord and let go of the live button and you flip right back.

If you zoom out, you can also drop down a longer chord without having to edit the length.

To sum up:

Create a poly track.
Zoom out until there are just 4 columns available on the left (if you are doing a 4 chord progression)
hold down live and pick a chord
let go and tap learn encoder
place chord on bottom left pad
learn is a sticky mode so now you can hold down live to pick and place chords

This doesn’t work so well with modifiers, but maybe if we get some chord favorites this will be really quick.