Layers:Manual + CC x9 - Can anyone else dupe? (before I send a report)

New Feature in the latest Rample OS 1.1: Selecting Layers via incoming MIDI CC

I’m missing something, because it doesn’t seem to be working for me.
Anyone with an affinity to testing this to see if I’m doing a stupid (which is most common, honestly)?

Pyramid -> Rample (only - no event processor, etc)
Using stock Kit M0, SP4
Create a Track with 4 Notes - plays fine; as expected
Set Encoder #3 to send CC49
Set Rample to Layers: Manual
Set Rample Velocity: Off (so, not selecting Layers via Velocity specifically)

Rotating Encoder while Track is playing does not change the Layer.

Go back into the settings and set Layers: Cyclic or Random, and the layers will cycle or randomise as expected.

Go back to Layers: Manual & adjust Encoder yields no change (and will play the last Layer selected via Cyclic or Random, as one would expect if the Layers selection via CC just wasn’t happening but everything else was working as expected)

Edit to Add: Used new Layers feature (Press Assign then Press (4)) to display the Layer being played. Random and Cyclic modes work as expected. Responding to incoming MIDI CC does not change the value nor (audibly) the Layer.

Will try reinstalling the OS fresh and updating the Kits just in case.

Edit to add again: Nope; no love

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I see the same :frowning:


Thank you for the verification, technobear.
Will send in a bug report then.