Launchpad Pro is an amazing tool with pyramid

Picked one up today to help speed up step sequencing. Select scale mode on the launchpad pro, select your key and scale and then use it for note learn on the pyramids step sequencer. I know theory and my scales, but it is a faster and easier way to very very quickly program melodic loops.

I bought the old pro, which is heavily discounted at sweetwater, as I didn’t need the sequencing functions of the MK3.

Very happy with the combination right away. Next will be the blackbox to capture loops.

Are you able to use launchpad to control other things, like probability effects?

if you can output CC, then you can use Assign CC (or midi learn) to map to effect perhaps etc.
assign CC manual

This requires a usb host, no?

i thought the launchpad pro had mini din? no?
( the non-pro does not, you have to use a usb midi host for this, quite a few to choose from these days)

edit : confirmed, launchpad pro has midi din/trs midi, so no - usb host is not required for it.

Ah cool. Thanks :pray:

The LP pro mk2 has TRS in/out.

I’m interested to hear more about how you’ve integrated this with Pyramid! I’ve got a pro and I’m looking at ordering a new pyramid. I’ve tried some custom firmware on the LP but gone back to the factory version and I like it for notes/scales, but there’s loads of other buttons I don’t use at this stage!