Launchpad, Electribe 2 and the Pyramid

Hello, good people.

I’ve got my Squarp currently being controlled by a keystep, running out to a Minilogue XD, Minologue, Volca FM, Uno, Drum and Electribe 2s. I’ve been getting pretty good workflow with this kit, but I’ve run into an issue I’m unable to solve as of yet.

I would like to use my Launchpad Pro as a finger drumming controller for the Electribe and Drum. Both are currently set up so that each piece of the kit has its own midi channel. In the case of the Electribe I’m currently running Bank B, midi 8-16. If I want to record finger drumming in real time, is it possible with an external midi controller like the Launchpad Pro and the Pyramid? I gather I need to set up the multi track pref for Bank b, but I’m still a bit stumped on how to implement multi channel real time triggering on multiple tracks.

Thanks for your time.

I’m not quite sure in understand the question…

You only need multibank mode if you need to send to multiple channels without changing the active track on the pyramid.

If you don’t, then you can just select the track on the pyramid and then play.

But if you need this, then all you need to do is select Omni mode - Mult track bank B
Then send your midi on the channel corresponding to the track eg B8 = midi channel 8.

sometimes rather than do this you can alternatively use midi thru - depending on your requirements.

Thanks for getting back to me, thetechnobear.

To clarify, what I’m looking to do is use a midi pad controller (my Launchpad Pro, MIDI CH 16 out) to trigger 4-8 midi channels (MIDI on the electribe 2S, Bank B CH 8 - 16) via pyramid in live mode. This would make it so that I can finger drum in real time on the pyramid rather than just play one piece of the kit in chromatic or have to sequence each piece out individually.

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I think the answer you are looking for lies in the page customization software of the launchpad itself… IIRC you can make any pad or a series of pads any note or CC… on any midi channel. though I only own the original so I could be wrong about the more recent incarnations.