Latest revision of Hermod (new knob)

Does anyone know if there were other hardware changes for the latest Hermod revision with the new knob? Is the encoder changed for one with better quality perhaps?

(I havent got any problem with mine but some seems to been having them.)

I don’t think there are any problems with the encoder (and don’t believe its been changed)

the ‘issue’ , I believe you are referring to, is simply, as the knob gets older, and once its been pressed lots , it essentially pushes down on the shaft further …
and this makes it start to ‘foul’ with the panel, thus clicks don’t register, or it might not rotate as well.

the solution is simple… take the knob off, put a small piece of paper inside the knob… this means the shaft will now touch the top of the knob, and so stop it pushing down further.

(how much paper, well put a little in… if its not enough puts some more in… all you are trying to do is raise the knob a couple of millimetres)

Awesome tio, i guess you could change the knob for a new one also, but thats great. Just want mine to stay alive for as long as possible (like forevaahh). Best module ever.

you could, though Id assume it’ll do the same eventually (unless it was a shorter knob?).

but yeah, not really something to worry about, nothing is damaged/broken… just slight ageing :slight_smile:

Ive had this with pots and encoders on synths too, I think its probably because knobs often use plastic on the inside, which naturally expands a bit with age, so letting the knobs slip a bit.
its more noticeable with push encoders since
a) you are pushing it down, so are kind of asking it to move over time
b) at some point it’s going to touch the panel which will inhibit the push action. ( * )

any that’s what I think is going on…

( * ) you could argue the encoder could be raised more above panel, but then when its new it would look strange as it would be so high off the panel.

forever is a long time in electronics … esp for moving components, like pots and encoders
eventually the internal tracks get a bit dirty, and start skipping/scratching (you see this on mixers a lot)
though things like deoxit can help.
then at some point they need replacing - fortunately encoders and pots are usually pretty easy to replace - since they are pretty ‘standard’
(encoders you pretty much just need to know the number of pulse per rotation)

anyway… Ive had my Hermod for a while , and its holding up well :slight_smile:

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