Latency when accessing Slices and Layers


I think about buying a Rample to enhance my currently Sample-Free setup with some Samples I can trigger via MIDI from a Sequencer (OT, Syntakt, later maybe Hapax). Most of what I would like to do is simple triggering Samples ever 4th or 8th note, but: I love to have changing HiHat sounds per hit (16th at around 138 bpm). I would like to use the layers and slices to be able to fit a lot of single shots with closed hihats into one voice, that I could trigger randomly per step (Random LFO for the Slice-Startpoint-CC).
Is the Rample able to do that? 16th notes at 138bpm is around one trigger ever 10th of a second. I am a bit worried if this is a good idea, when the samples are streamed from SD every hit.

Anyone has tried that and knows some facts here?

Thanks, Jens

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So you want to modulate Layer and Slice at the same time with as little latency as possible?
I know I modulate Layers (selection via MIDI CC and presets Random or Cyclic) and haven’t noticed anything, but I tend to program my sequences ‘sloppy’ intentionally.

Although latency is also dependent on other factors (cables, MIDI Thru, hubs, routers, DIN or USB, etc), I think it would depend on your tolerance and style of music. For technical data, you can contact Squarp directly at

I’d run a test, but my Rample is unavailable right now. :frowning:
(and I’m jonesin…)

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