Korg Wavestate as controller and player

I have a Pyramid coming this Friday.

If I hook up my Korg Wavestate to the Squarp Midi IN…and then hook up say, Midi A out to the Wavestate, I then assume, after setting it up correctly, I can play the Korg itself and recording those midi notes into the Pyramid…like Mr. Tuna does. I used to have a pyramid and the System 8 worked like this…hoping my Wavestate does also.

My question though is can I still use the Wavestate as a controller KB in local mode off to play my modules that are hooked up to the Pyramid Midi B bank.

Or, do I have to get a midi merge to attach a separate controller KB to the squarp midi in?

Thanks…super pumped for another Squarp.

If you set your MIDI OUT B to


It should work according to the manual

Configures Pyramid MIDI out B as a MIDI out (default), as a MIDI thru (all messages received on the MIDI input will be sent directly on the MIDI out B), as a MIDI out + thru (all messages received on the MIDI input will be sent directly on the MIDI out B, together with Pyramid MIDI messages).

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So, I got the Wavestate to work perfectly…can play on the Wavestate and record into the Pyramid.

BUT, I try and use the WS as a controller keyboard and it DOES play external modules connected to the Pyramid, but for some reason also plays it’s internal sounds when I do this. I have local control turned off and it still does it…so I cannot listen to say, a sequence on track 1 that I made with the Wavestate, go to track 2 to play while hearing track 1 because I also hear the Wavestate sounds while on track 2…I hear both the external synth and the Wavestate…AUGH.

Don’t know why the local control off does not work…need to research that one.

Well, hooked everything up and it all worked great for about 20 minutes and then then main encoder started acting wonky and 10 minutes later now does not work at all. Can’t change midi channel, can’t change track length, nothing. Argh…so frustrating.