Korg Volca beats with Pyramid Help!

I’m new to this piece of Gear but So far I really like this sequencer. I’m still trying to learn as much as I can, I’m still currently a Rookie So please Be gentle if this question is annoying. Maybe one of You Smart Lads or Ladies can help me.

I’m Trying to get My Korg Volca Beats to sync via Midi to My sequencer. Running On midi Channel 5(for example) and everything matches up, Yet I cannot seem to get any noise Coming out. No arrows or indications that it’s receiving information, Although My quadra Thru Blinks blue. The rest of My hardware gear is working flawlessly.
Again sorry for the irritating question but I’m eager to learn.

Could you please tell us physical connections of your gear, either by a flow chart or just in text.


Pyramid DIN A out–> IN quadra thru–> etc

Keystep -> Midi In of the Pyramid.
Midi A -> Quadra Thru
Quadra Thru -> Korg Volca Fm, Korg monologue, Korg minilogue and Volca Beats(not working).

are you getting sound from your other synths? just not the volca beats?

it sounds to me like your Volca Beats is not setup to listen on the same midi channel as you are sending on.
the reason sync works is because midi clock sync is not tied to a midi channel.

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Hi @Prizuhner, few things I would check.

  • The Volca beat channel as suggested by @thetechnobear (Hold MEMORY when you boot the volca)
  • On the Pyramid, go to the Settings / Info. From there, you can monitor the MIDI that leave the Pyramid and ensure you send it to the right Channel.
    Check this to change the channel you are using on the Pyramid side:
  • Finally, the volca beat use one note for each instruments (all on the same change). So make sure, you sending note 36 to trigger the Kick for example. (36 = C1)

Hope this is useful.

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Yeah all my other gear works perfectly. I’ll double check my midi channel on the beats. Thanks for the input really appreciate it.

Very useful indeed, thanks for the input!