KORG Minilogue XD Issue

Hello there!

I have a Midi Solutions Quadra Thru and Quadra Merge. I also own a Moog Sub 37, Rev 2 and TR8S that are all hooked up properly and working for my live looping type jams with Pyramid. I recently purchased a Korg Minilogue XD that I want to add but it is not playing nice. Once I connect the midi from the Korg to the T4 and M4 everything starts spazzing out (really quick sequencing, sporadic midi, etc). Has anyone else had this issue or know the proper way to set up the Minilogue XD with pyramid and other hardware synths? This is really frustrating if I am unable to use the XD. All help is greatly appreciated!

Have you tried connecting just the Pyramid directly to the Minilogue with no other devices, and if so, does that yield expected results?

I just tried this out and the same issues occur. Also strange in the XD clock options when I switch to Internal everything seems to work ok but I have to change the bpm of the Squarp using the XD tempo knob. When I try to change the bpm on Squarp it doesn’t change. Also the sequencing on the XD doesn’t work well in this mode.

Okay, so in a purely small universe of Pyramid -> Minilogue you experience the issue of “once connected everything starts spazzing out”, which you don’t experience when any other synth is connected in exactly this manner.


So it’s either a bug, a hardware failure, a setting, file issues, or…?

Since others use the Minilogue (there are Definition Files here) then I think we can rule out “bug”, at least for now (assuming you are running the most recent version of PyraOS).

I think we can overlook ‘hardware failure’ if everything works properly with other synths and if you’ve already tested with different MIDI Cables (sorry, did I assume that you’d already tested that?)

Be sure to test with a new Project to see if there’s an issue with a Project file.

So we’re down to “settings”.

Although a thought comes to mind: You only have it connected in one direction for testing, yes? Just Pyramid Out to Minilogue In - and it does this thing? I assume you want to use the Minilogue as a controller for live looping (since you mentioned that in your original), so also try Minilogue Out to Pyramid In only and verify that the Pyramid is receiving data, just the data you’re intending to send. Record a bit of data to make sure it’s just what you intended to send.

Oh, and is Local Control On or Off?

As for BPM: Does it do this with a brand new Project?
Are you using the BPM Effect on any Tracks?

These should get your started!
Good Luck!

this really sounds like a midi clock loopback…
so basically the korg is either sending out its own clock - or is retransmitting the pyramids clock it is receiving.

as @CreepyPants says, if you disconnect the Korg output - it’ll probably work.
show you that is the issue… then its down to finding the setting in the Korg that ensures it receives midi clock but does not transmit it. hopefully these should be two distinct settings.

note: the pyramid is capable of ignoring incoming clocks (see MIDI IN settings in manual)
so if you are connecting the Korg directly to the pyramid - that is an alternative solution

However: f you are not connecting the Korg directly to the pyramid, so your using a midi splitter or midi thru) you’ll see be screwing up the midi clock for other instruments - so fixing it on the pyramid wont help these.

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