Korg EMX 1 With Pyramid

Hi, I am having trouble getting the Pyramid to talk to the Korg EMX 1. Sometimes it has let me control the drum pads from the Pyramid but it seems to be inter mitten. Anyone have experience using these two machines together and could you give me a detailed setup guide so I can see if I am missing anything. It would be greatly appreciated!!


Hey, I’ve done this with the ESX. Never used the EMX, as they’re pretty similar I might be able to help. Never had problems controlling the ESX with the Pyramid.

First thing I did was make a Pyramid definition file based on the manual’s midi implementation chart (+ have a look at page 92 of the EMX manual), referencing the midi utility info (manual page 80). Make sure you’re setting note values in the definition file that match what your EMX has for each drum pad (for instance the default note for drum pad 1 is C2, but it can be changed). Make sure you’re using the ‘right’/matching midi channels for what you’re using in the Pyramid. 10 is the EMX’s drum default, but it can also be changed.

Once the definition’s written, load it into in the Pyramid & start trying to control the EMX.

Next, check your midi cable to see if that’s the problem. Run through a few tests like:

  • is everything connected properly?
  • does the issue still occur with a different cable?
  • does the cable work with your other gear?

If you’re happy the cable’s not the issue, methodically go through each function in the definition file & compare it to the EMX’s settings. Stuff like ‘Pyramid’s EMX drum definition are on channel 10, pad 1 is on note x, pad 2 is on pad y… EMX’s drum midi settings are channel 10, pads are also 1=x, 2=y…’

Failing that, you might need to do a factory reset on the EMX. Backup your patterns & sound patches if you can. Factory resets result in erasing everything user-made in the EMX, but it will get it to align to the manual’s midi defaults (which were used for making the Pyramid definition file).

Hope that helps.

I loaded the definition file and am still having trouble getting the Squarp to interact with the drums. It triggers the synth notes as it should but not the drums. Anymore ideas?

Drum definitions look like this-


Appreciate the help so much!

No worries, have you set the EMX’s drum pads to match those values?

Can’t recall off the top of my head if you need to transpose the notes in the definition file by an octave. Try making copies with c1:DR1 & c3:DR1.

Good to read the synth parts are OK now.

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