Korg Electribe SX1 Program Change Inquiry

I figured out how to do Program Changes on my Korg Electribe SX1 with a Track set to the right channel (in my case Midi Channel 1), but I had a general question about this…

It seems that if I set a Track with a length of 8 bars and I wanted to trigger the Program Change on the 5th bar it is not possible… Instead it looks like the Program Change is more “global” so if this Track is part of Sequence B and I go from Sequence A to Sequence B, as soon as the Pyramid switches to B, it triggers the Program Change instead of waiting til it’s on bar 5…

Is this because Program Change is a global change and not track specific? This is more a question in understanding the workflow, this was an easy problem to work around

Notes for anyone interested:

  • I set the CC in STEP mode to run the Program Change on the Track
  • I have to set the 00 from 64 to 0 or else it Pattern Changes the SX1 to Bank C instead of A
  • Also using the CC Program Change setting in STEP mode

Hey! I’m away from my Pyramid & ESX right now so hopefully this is OK. Can you please clarify:

  • when you say track are you referring to a track in the Pyramid, not ESX?
  • is your ESX synced to play its sequencer along with the with the Pyramid?

Assuming the answer is ‘yes’ to both questions, be aware that you’ll never be able to get it to react to track change messages during play. The ESX’s patterns need a defined length and will only change at the end of that length.

From here, try turning off the ESX’s playback sync in its midi filter & sending all the messages you possibly can from the Pyramid. Or send sample change messages from the Pyramid to simulate a program change in the ESX.

Good luck! The ESX is a sampler I’d be lost without, it’s good to read other people are still getting into decade old gear.

I think I had the sequencer turned off on the ESX and yes I was referring to the Pyramid track. I’ll need to test again and make sure the sync was off. I haven’t tried the sample change message idea, that’s great!

Yeah, love the ESX, and I’ve had it for a decade, they’re sturdy!