Keystep MIDI Out/In Clock (arpeggiator / dip switches)

Hello all,

I have the Keystep MIDI out going in to Pyramid’s MIDI in, and vice-versa.

I’m sending clock from Pyramid → Keystep (dip switch in MIDI mode).

But like this I can’t use the Keystep’s arpeggiator. If I set the Keystep to internal clock, I can arpeggiate but can’t receive clock from Pyramid…

How can I send clock to KS while being able to arpeggiate?

Hope this was clear enough, thanks!

The answer to that lies in the Keystep manual.
It might be configurable - just as an example, on Roland Gaia there is a system setting whether to enable arpeggios on external input.


I’ve tried several combinations. Now I’m using Sync In mode on the Keystep, coming in from a Volca Bass Sync Out (which is receiveing clock from Pyramid via Midi). This way I can play and sync arpeggios. But now I can’t ‘stop’ play command on the KS. I press ‘stop’ on the Keystep and it goes back to ‘play’ immediately, meaning I can´t play normal/sustained notes…

In combination with this I’ve tried different Midi In/Out with no luck still…

If anyone has any ideas, would greatly appreciate it.


Hey man,

Probably a bit too late, but I was having the same difficulty and thought I’d pop this here incase anyone else is looking.

Solved it by having Squarp ‘midi B’ going to Keystep ‘midi in’, and then on the squarp midi menu (2nd+FX) set midi B to send clock.

Hope you got it sorted and have been enjoying your Pyramid!

Luca :slight_smile:

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Yes, meanwhile I solved it somehow, can’t remember how exactly. I’ve since sold the Pyramid… to get a Hermod. Pyramid really is great but I can’t have both :confused:

Thank you!