Keystep into Quadra Merge into Squarp into Korg MS-20 problem

Hi everyone,

I can’t seem to send midi reliably from the Arturia Keystep to the Korg MS20 Mini via a quadra merge and then thru the Squarp Pyramid.

When playing the Keystep the Korg receives notes and I can see the notes being sent via the info screen of the squarp pyramid but after a small period of time the Korg will either get a note stuck on or stop responding to midi messages altogether. The only way to remedy this is to turn the Korg off and on again.

Now that I think about it, if I send midi from another controller such as my Deepmind 12 I get a similar issue.

Can anyone advise if there are settings on either midi controllers or the squarp pyramid which could be causing this issue? Keep in mind that the Korg MS-20 doesn’t have any configuration that I am aware of (It’s fixed to receiving note on/off information only on midi channel 1).

All my other synths (Roland Boutique, Korg Prologue, Matrixbrute, Deepmind) don’t suffer this problem. I haven’t tried just yet (will tonight when home) but when going direct from keystep to korg I never had such issues which makes me wonder that quadra merge or squarp pyramid may have some involvement in the issue.

Perhaps it’s better to use the CV Out to control the Korg in any event.

BTW… am using PyraOS 3.2 with following settings:

Midi In > Omnimode Bank A
Midi Echo set to off
Midi Out A > Out + Thru

Could midi clock issues be a cause of the problem?

Thanks in advance for any help you could offer.

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To confirm… if I go direct from keystep to korg I have no issues what so ever.

I’ve recorded a video to demonstrate the issue. including the readout from pyramid midi in info screen which shows a note on and off as the last steps.

Hope this sheds some light. If there’s anything else I should do please let me know.

Thanks again.

Here is the link:

the Quadra merge is the problem … you shouldn’t use any midi-thru or merge without an own powersupply.

are they all on the same midi chanel. keystep, squap track number is its midi in number but there is also a setting per track for the midi out number, and then korg

the key step should power the merge via midi

Does it work well without the merger? I have similar issues occasionally with the keystep as the only midi controller, it tends to be most noticeable on mono synths (MS20 mini, 0-coast & bass station in my case.)

You guys are awesome… I changed the ports on the quadra merge to accept a different midi input for the power and it works now. It seems perhaps that one of the devices wasn’t quite correctly powering the device. One wouldn’t power it at all.

I tell you there is nothing more frustrating than midi gate / lock issues.

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Also… if it helps others I also replaced some generic midi splitter I bought from a guitarist and replaced it with a midi solutions guadra merge. I was still having situations where the Korg MS-20 would become unresponsive when looping a sequence and then while I was controlling parameters on the synth. This was separate to the original issue I was having.

My new setup uses a 1 x quadra merge and 2 x quadra thru’s. So far so good.

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to be one the safe side you should always use midi-merger and thus with psu!

But if it works now, great!

why? the midi solutions use the power that is sent on the midi 5v and work great. I do realize that there are companies out there not following specifications so this doesn’t work with everything synth out there. the midi merger and splitter are a great addition and work great. slao the event processor as a midi filter to only leave the clock is a great thing to have around if your hooking into someone else rig.

the power of the midi-cable is intended for opto-isolators that are responsible for galvanic isolation of midi-devices. If this power is used for something else this will not work and might end up in humming and other interferences.
Or as it happened here the stuff just doesn’t work.

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