Keystep/Hermod help needed

I don’t see any posts on how to get a Keystep to properly work with Hermod. It’s probably because most people have it figured out.
As far as the Keystep should the switches be set to Midi, Sync in, USB or Internal?
Each time I restart or load a new project in Hermod only track 4 is working with the Keystep.
I’d like to know how to get the settings right so i can make music and not get tied up in this issue over and over.

Work from a template file in Hermod which has all your settings configured. Load and save as new when you want to save your project. You’ll prob need to set your Keystep up also. I don’t have one, but it sounds like it’s sending midi on channel 4 or 5…

Interesting!! How do I generate a template file for Hermod?

Just set up your Hermod as you want it and then save it with an underscore. From the Hermod manual…

If you name a project as “_”, it will always be loaded at startup, even if you saved or loaded an other project more recently, making it easier to have a template project.


Thank you, this is very useful info.

what is nice with the keystep and hermod, it’s the plug&play in usb, and the active track (in the hermod midi settings, ex midi ch 1, and midi ch 1 on keystep), so when you move on a track with the encoder in hermod, your keystep is on the good track. very useful in the workflow!
The sync works fine too, hermod in master and the keystep in usb slave (sync usb on the keystep) or midi din…
And like [KidYoshi] say, it’s very useful to have a template “_” with all your favorites midi settings, midi fx…

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I still can’t figure out why the Keystep only works on track 4. I can’t figure out why it doesn’t do the “plug and play” thing on the track that is active. How to I fix this issue?

What Midi channel is your Keystep sending on?

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How would one check that?

I don’t have a Keystep so can’t help you with that. But, the Keystep manual would be a good first place to look :nerd_face:

You can set the midi channel of your keystep by pressing shift and the related key to the channel that you want, keep in mind that the keystep is set always on channel 1 if not modified and hermod uses the channel one to play on the active track. If somebody wants to reassign the channels you could do that by going to setting in the track page of hermod.
If you wanna reassign certain functions regarding the keystep you can download the free arturia software midi control center and connect the keystep