Keyboard split on Hermod?

I have a full size midi controller keyboard that I use with Hermod. I also use Hermod and a midi thru box to route midi events to a couple of midi synths.

Given how the effects system works, I thought that it would be a trivial thing to split the keyboard, i.e. make different areas of the keyboard send out notes to different midi channels. Turns out - it’s not so easy (or maybe I am missing something?)

I imagined I could add a couple of midi outs, each one with a different range (this seems possible) and each one sending notes to a different midi channel (ditto) - but I cannot find a way to compensate the octave shift. If “midi out” had a “transpose” parameter, I could configure different octaves across my mid keyboard to play same notes, but on different channels. I think even a separate “transpose” effect would work (I could chain a couple of transposes and a couple of midi outs in the same effect rack). But I cannot find anything like that.

How would you approach the problem? Is midi split possible with the current HermodOS? Would that make a reasonable feature request (I think that “transpose” settings in midi out would solve all my problems).

main midi fx

so setup multiple tracks, with same midi channel

then the output fx can be set with different midi channels

(and as you say, you can use scale, to transpose as required - or use root note on midi fx)

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Your solution does not work - for reasons stated in my original question

  • “scale” effect is not enough. It transposes, but also removes any chromatics (there’s no chromatic scale in the options);
  • “root note” in the main midi fx is for CV only; it’s the voltage of the root note, it does not affect the midi out.

The missing thing that’s needed to mak split work - is just a simple MIDI transposition. I was really surprised not to find it in a system that is built around the idea of MIDI effects.

Any of the features below would solve my problem:

  • adding a chromatic scale to “scale” (because then I could use the scale “transpose”)
  • adding a “transpose” option to midi out (it would be even better if we could have midi min and midi max there as well, because then I could do full midi split on a single track)
  • adding a “midi transpose” effect

If anyone has any other ideas, please, let me know :slight_smile:

Ah, ok - there IS a chromatic scale! I’d say it’s well hidden - I tried looking for it in “intervals” color and never found it, because I assumed it would be a minor second, so first on the list. Turns out it’s there, but it’s last on the list, after thirds, fourths, sisths and whatnots :slight_smile:

Good to know, thanks :slight_smile:

yeah, its kind of just ‘tagged’ on the end…
probably should be a separate colour or something.

but once you’ve found it once (and know its there) its not hard to find again :wink:

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