Keyboard input pushed thru

i’m trying to record what i’m playing on my Prophet-10 Keyboard. So i activate play and record via my new Footpedal and start playing on the Prophet. The are notes recorded… everything seems fine.

The moment i play a note on the P-10 they get received and immediately forwarded to the output channel of the current track.
In my case thats not wanted as it creates double triggers the P-10 . I know i can turn Off local on the P-10. But then i find myself turning this permanently on and off.
Isn’t there a way to prevent this realtime forwarding of the input on the Hapax?

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On Pyramid it’s toggling between Stop Echo and Allow Echo on the MIDI IN settings

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yes i have a pyramid too… would be nice if they can implement this too. I’ll write a feature request

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I’m trying to remember how the Pyramid did this, did it basically stop all MIDI Thru, or just the channel you were recording into?

I asked squarp about this, and they confirmed they have the midi echo feature planned in a future update.

I hope it works for midi cc as well, since that also gets glitchy when you turn a knob.


very good point about the CC!