Keep normal Hapax posts separate from instrument definitions?

I see there is a way (using the sub category) to view only the instrument def posts, but I can not find a way to view only posts that are NOT def posts. That would be very nice if possible, given the current amount of definitions.

you can use discourse notification feature to ‘mute’ a category.
using bell icon on the cateogry, allows you to change notification level to a variety of settings.

note: be careful to do on category… not a post, as discourse also allow muting of posts

if you want more details on this, or other discourse features… just search google, you’ll find a variety to articles on it.

I was just thinking; there is a category for Pyramid inst.def, so why not also have a category for Hapax inst.def. so it would be piece of cake for everybody to avoid all the inst.def posts.

not sure I understand…
the hapax definitions are already in their own separate category… just like the pyramid.

edit: the only difference is…
the pyramid are in a top level category, called “pyramid instrument definitions”, whist the hapax are in a sub category of hapax called “Instrument definitions”
but this makes no difference to notification muting functionality… its merely organisational.

frankly the hapax is the ‘better’ way to do it… once you have multiple products…
the pyramid was done like this, when it was the only squarp product.
we should probably change it to be the same as hapax for consistency.
(this is easy to do , since as mentioned above, there is no different between a top level category and sub category)

note: if you look at the colour of the ‘icon’ next to category name, you will see it is 2 parts on hapax instrument, first shares hapax colour, second is it own colour. which is how you can see its a sub category.

I was almost giving up on understanding how read the Hapax forum without the instr.def posts, but I just found out that the answer I was looking for was to select the Hapax subcategory “none”. Not super intuitive, but now I know it means “read everything that is not in any of the categories below.
(Since you were talking about notifications, you may have thought I was using those, but I don’t.)

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