Just got my Pyramid and I'm floored!

I just got one of the limited 50 grey models from France … took 3 days to US, amazingly fast. I’m controlling many synths and drums amd samplers and also vsts in Ableton and I am speechless. This thing is such a gift. I do my cannot believe what a game changer this is.

Originally, I bought this because my octatrack only handles 4 note polyphony. The deluge cannot produce velocity with its keybed and has some other issus that were really not things I could live with.

This thing is EVERYTHING! My goodness. What a deep deep amazing device. I have midi B sending 16 tracks of multitimbral control to my Blofeld and Yamaha TG77. 8 tracks each in Multi mode. FM drum synth anyone? Euclidean rhythms through vintage FM? Heck yeah.

I’m going to set up control tracks for my effects now. So much to learn. I cant deal. I jad a hard time sleeping last night just waiting to wake up and get back into the manual.

Sick business! How human beings created a device like this is completely mind blowing. It feels like such a privelege to be able to own one.

One question is anyone gets this far :laughing:.

Which the best English Manual for me to be using? I see theres different versions floating around. Which is the manual that is most complete for the latest OS?


The official version on the company website is the best to overall familiarize yourself with your Pyramid… The other versions iirc are all just pdf edits of what is on the webpage… For anything else arcane or obscure everyone in the forum is usually on top of some sort of answer.

Personal fave shorcuts are 2nd plus main encoder to octave step up and down in Step mode and
Track+length+> to double the length of a track. This also happens to duplicate any steps in the track so it can be a real time saver. You can also (obvs) halve using Track+length+<.

[generally speaking firmware updates don’t fundamentally change workflow behavior… though it’s best to check this page when updates come out so you know how your workflow may be affected.]


Oh wow thank you! I was just wanting to quickly dupe a pattern, that is a ridiculously often used shortcut. Id there a PDF of all the common shortcuts floating around somewhere?

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