Just diving into semi modular with `my pyra`

And so far i managed to send a start/stop signal to one DFAM which is great in building weird rythmus with the moog.
I somehow managed to get a enveloped signal to increase/decrease ig Filter Cutoff or Noise on my DFAM.
Not yet managed to play DFAM like a synth (including.making a very fast sequencer a new oscilator…its interesting.)
What would be my next step? What else is there to do, if any is?
There is also a nyx standing by.

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DFAM is top of my next purchase list. Would be interested to hear how you get on with Pyra integration.

I have an Ocoast in the mix too which has all sorts of jump outs for external CV and gate modulation. And a couple of alternative clock sources (volca kick, multiclock) Thats the extent of my ‘modular’ set up though.


Well so far i am a little underwhelmed by Pyras CV possibilities, but i might make something wrong (Thats why that thread.) I was even thinking adding a Beatstep Pro to my setup to add some possibilities (Does that make sense even?)

BTW the DFAM is amazing. A friend brought an Eventide Space last time and we were sending some DFAM through. Pure bliss.

PS: Underwhelmed not so much by what it does, but i want to send more Signals to also other Machines at the same time.