Just 24 hours to go



Until Hapax loads the default project on boot?! :rofl:

Can’t wait to see what this is!


Excited! Do we have any idea what this is? If the imagery in the video is anything to go by I’d say it has a large color display so you can edit lots of parameters.

insta hashtags point to something modular eurorack

Cool ! Just had this suggested to me on YouTube, and I came here to post it, but you good folks beat me to it by two hours !! :rofl:
Looking forward to this - totally unexpected ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Some aphex vibes. Maybe a tracker or sample machine?

Looking at the post picture : a midi controlled swiss cockoo. I bet with a fondue with anyone who dares!


FINALLY an instrument that just gets me.

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Hermod 2!! : ) :heart_eyes:
With a big color oled Display!!! wooohooooo : )))

Amazing news!!! Hermod+!!! Instant buy from me, hermod is still my most used eurorack module after many many years. Such a nice surprise. Looking forward very much to having 16 step buttons, individual track buttons, and a bigger screen!

Very, very nice!!

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