Jupiter X woe is me

Hi, Hope everyone is healthy, safe and sane.
Using the Pyramid in a live setup. Midi merger and Midi thru.
All my other synths work flawless when recording.
When I play my Jupiter though, the notes are scattered and out of timing on playback.
When I use the Pyramid’s keyboard the notes are recorded fine.
I’ve gone through every menu change on the Jupiter as well as the Pyramid to no avail.
Can’t figure out the Midi problem.
Can anyone enlighten me as a solve rather than to rely on the Pyramids keyboard or another controller?

Your reply’s would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Hi Dave, it’s the midi merge. Try to figure out the order you turn them (Jupiter, merge, pyramid) on. Pyramid first or merge first, I don’t remember now. That was a common issue with my gear. I hope it’ll help.

Found the problem! Yippe!
Was a USB cable I had plugged from the X going into a laptop that wasn’t being used. That alone caused my headache.
Now to have some fun!


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