Issues with pyramid MK1? How old is yours :-)?

Hi everyone,

I can get a squarp pyramid MK1 for 400 euro’s, and I’m considering it, as the differences with the MK2/MK3 seem to be merely cosmetic (and I actually like the old look!).

Are there any known issues I should be looking out for?
is there a lifespan of these devices? Its probably 5 years old already…

Curious to hear your thoughts/experiences!

my mk1 is solid. I had to put little piece of paper in one of the knobs to make it continue to click right, but that’s it.

I have a very early MK1, right after they removed the accelerometer.

Still working super fine.

+1 on the piece of paper in one of the knobs… I did the same, but like, after 1 month of use

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