Issues with external sequencer

I’ve a Polyend Tracker hocked up on Midi In of the Pyramid (and on Midi Out B for clock and transport, Midi Out A goes to instruments).

My workflow idea was to noddle on the Tracker till I have something, that I want to persist in a Pyramid pattern. And then there are these two observations, where I’m not sure those are bugs, or operator error:

  1. In settings with “midi echo” set to “auto a”, I observed that notes received on channel 13 will be blocked if same note (C2 was my test note) is received on channel 14. My expectation would be, that only notes on the same channel are dropped. The note on event doesn’t even show up in the midi in monitor.
  2. When recording in live mode, for events received from the tracker, the current track will be un-muted automatically. If recording from the keypads that doesn’t happen.

Is this working as expected?

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  1. I think your expectation is right…
    however, excluding omni mode = multi track, pyramid doesn’t really consider midi channel, so that could be why its dropped.
    you could perhaps try multi track mode see if it behaves differently (Id expect it to) (*)

but generally, I think you’ll need to report this to squarp via the contact form as an ‘issue’

(*) I tend to avoid using auto echo … and turn off local echo on my synth.

  1. not noticed this, sounds like an inconsistency to be reported.
    (not sure, which is the better behaviour… as I don’t need to record into muted tracks :slight_smile: ))
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