Issues 'Hold' or 'Relatch' not working unless transport running

As soon as I return to normal Live mode, the receiving VSTi has sound.

But, in ‘Hold’ or ‘Relatch’ input modes, there is no sound even though the midi input is still detected.

I’ve tried this with a few VSTi instruments in my DAW.

So, it seems not to be a Pyramid problem. But why can’t the VSTi plugins make a sound when Pyramid is put in Hold or Relatch play modes?

Just figured it out (I think)… it does not work for live play, only when the sequencer is running.

I don’t suppose the footswitch input accepts a sustain pedal?

Note: Ive tested this with hardware synths, its not a VST/DAW issue.
(I’ll retitle thread title to reflect this better)

hmm, odd - you are correct hold/relatch is only working with the transport running.
I’m not sure why that limitation exists, most ‘live’ functions work without the transport,
and off-hand I can’t see think relatch/hold would depend on the transport.

it feels like a bug, since it not just that hold/relatch functionality does not work, it does send any notes on/off.

I suggest you raise a bug/feature request on the squarp contact form, perhaps this can be changed for a future release.

No… sustain is really a ‘controller’ function, rather than a sequencer function.

you have a few options:

a) your controller /synth may have pedal input (this is what I use)
if it does, it probably will send out midi CC 64 (aka hold) to control sustain
it may also have a latch function

b) external midi pedal/controller
this would support midi cc64, this can be setup as latch or momentary, so giving you hold or relatch

c) assign midi cc64 to a pyramid encoder
this way you can easily latch/sustain notes from the pyramid control surface


ah, thanks for those great sustain pedal suggestions.

I’ll raise a bug ticket with Squarp.

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I was confused by this as well (couple months ago) and thought it’s broken. Contacted squarp and they told me this is intended behavior, HOLD/RELATCH only works when playing.

Well I assume Pyramid is not playing in the scenario you are describing. Indeed, this is the only case where the note ON is not sent when a pad is pressed. This is intended, and the notes will be sent as soon as you press PLAY.
Now if Pyramid is already running, the note will be sent as soon as the pad is pressed, even if HOLD is already activated.


its an odd one… I wonder what the reasoning is behind this? what the intended purposes is?

I always think of ‘LIVE’ mode as almost a ‘controller’ mode, so everything works regardless of transport.
e.g things like chord pads work regardless of transport.

@Thibault_Squarp - is this is technical/implementation thing? or is there some other reasoning?

It’s especially strange that while in Hold or Relatch modes you can’t live-record.

Ok, let it work only while the transport is running, but then for it not to enable recording of played notes makes it unusable almost you just want to play without recording anything. (which doesn’t make sense for a device with numerous record methods).

Hold/relatch is a brilliant feature for live playing, but why require transport to be running? I wonder what led to this design decision.

What’s worse - not only hold/relatch doesn’t work when stopped, normal playing is muted as well (MIDI out indicator doesn’t light at all).

I understand this is already reported as a bug. Where can I add my vote?

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