Issue with OP-Z (latest firmware)

Anyone else using the Hermod with OP-Z connected through the USB Host port?

Since the recent OP-Z firmware upgrade it doesn’t work anymore here, settings are ok and its working fine with other Midi hosts.

Same problem:(

Keep me posted if you figure this out. I might write to squarp and teenage engineering about this. If they can’t get this resolved I’l have to go back to an old firmware.

O no, I’m experiencing the same thing :frowning:

Have you had a chance to write to either party?

I mentioned it to TE they said it will be fixed in the next firmware update butttt mann I’m anxious haha I have a set coming up this month and I’m gonna have to rock the op-z like a cdj to get it in time with my rig. Which is not alll bad and has its percs but I was planing to use the op-z for the master clock:/

I wonder when the next firmware will be released, super psyched to get them working together

This issue is fixed in the new hermodOS firmware 1.4!


I wondered who would release a fix first, thank you! Still struggling to get the two to sync though :frowning:

Hi @pftjschute ,
Can you please send us an email via to report your issue, and to describe what isn’t working?

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