Issue with Hermod in "Jump" seq mode

I’m running a unique setup with 2 Hermods where I have one Hermod being clock synced via Midi to a second Hermod. Then I’m using a CV out from the “master” Hermod to a cv in on the second Hermod to change it’s sequences so that Hermod 2 automatically follows sequence changes from Hermod 1. This setup works great usually. I have Hermod 2 in “Jump” sequence mode and Loop set to “Full.” The issue I’m having is that sometimes for reasons I can’t figure out, when Hermod 2 jumps to a new sequence, the playhead is not at the start of the sequence for tracks that are longer than “8.” This is messing up a lot of automation I have programmed into the tracks of Hermod 2, which are programmed to be in sync with the sequences of Hermod 1. Can anyone help me understand why Hermod 2s tracks would not be doing this? I’d love to correct this problem or maybe this is a bug? Thanks.

I tried Loop mode set to “Longest” and seemed like it corrected it at first but then nope. That’s the hard part about pin pointing this issue. It doesn’t seem to be consistent.

I’d need to have a play … perhaps I could do something similar with Hermod + Pyramid, as I dont have a second Hermod :slight_smile:
not got time right now, but some initial thoughts…
all of which Im sure you are well aware of, but gives us somewhere to start from…

sounds like you are expecting to JUMP mode to cause a reset to the tracks,
but is it suppose to reset?

I read that as the tracks are not reset , they just continue from where they are (‘same clock position’).

so to me that reads as sequence length has no affect in JUMP mode.
(only sequential)

so if we turn our attention to the modes

is restart more useful… but with the proviso you will have to program the change on Hermod 1, to one step early.

Hey thanks. I think you nailed it. The issue is that it means the cv that triggers the seq change needs to happen on the sequence preceding the sequence I want to move to next so that the next sequence starts in time. This won’t work for me because I don’t always want to jump to the same sequence in a performance. So sounds like it’s a shortcoming of this workflow that I will have to deal with/work around.

could you perhaps move the sequence change to another module, something like a switch?

that way both Hermods would use MOD->seq change, so would react at exactly the same time.
(assuming they were both in sync etc)

also perhap send Squarp a feature request… perhaps a new mode, somethiing ‘jump + reset’
(which if I understand correctly is what you were looking for?)

I could see this being generally useful…
Im thinking the Pyramid + Hermod would also have a similar issue, so handy for integrating these as well.

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