Issue with creating patterns

Hey, I’m having an issue.

I’m trying to figure out how patterns work. I have one synth melody that I’m trying to make 3 patterns of. The other tracks I’m pairing it with are different drum tracks. Whenever I try to make a second pattern it either doesnt create one or it erases my synth melody. Am I missing a step?

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you need enable patterns on the track. (*)
Then you can select patterns, and copy/paste.

(*) you can save this as a default so you don’t have to do this for future projects.

I have patterns enabled on each track. When I try to make pattern 2 it doesnt do anything. One thing I noticed is when I select pattern 2, it doesnt say “note” in that middle bar

@Zeug I had the same issue just now. I had a step sequence programmed on a track and then I enabled patterns. The pyramid seems to delete the sequence I’d programmed once I go into pattern mode, which is presumably why @thetechnobear recommends setting patterns up per track up as a default. That being said, this is a bit frustrating, and goes against the free spirited ethos of the pyramid (any option you want wherever you want it). Is there any way to get that sequence back? Or even some way to copy the data before you go into patterns mode for that track so that you can paste it into pattern slot 1?

when you go to Step/Live mode on the given track (01 pictured here), are you actually enabling recording, i.e., is the red record button lit? (in Step mode, that won’t necessarily be dispositive – you can still enter Steps on a single-note basis; pressing Rec will switch to Mono Mode, which shows all notes per Step)

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Good point. I think in my case, I’d set up the parameters for a euclidean sequence and had simply verified the steps were there. So when you enable patterns for that track, does it wipe out the previously set up track?

I’m having similar issues. I record using live mode as I hate step recording. I record a linear melody on pattern 1. When I create a new pattern 2 in track mode by holding “step” and pressing " track 2" the data from pattern 1 is copied to pattern 2. I don’t want this. Ok, if I delete all the data from each track and make a fresh recording, my pattern 1 has now also changed to reflect the changes. I thought you create songs on this sequencer by assigning your sounds from your synths via a midi channel to the matching midi channel of the track on Pyramid. Then when you finish recording your intro, you create pattern 2 and start a new recording for "main, then pattern 3 for “chorus” etc. Then I thought you chain the patterns together to create a song. I can’t make a different melody on a different pattern, even if I change banks. What am I doing wrong?

Patterns definitely don’t work that way for me – If I have an existing Pattern on slot (pad) 1 of Track 1 and I’m in Track 1, pressing Step + Track TOGETHER gets me into Pattern selection. then pressing pad 2 creates a blank Pattern 2 on slot 2 of Track 1. i can always copy the first pattern to a new slot if I want to build upon it using the normal 2d-Copy+Paste functions. but just selecting a blank pad in Pattern mode always reverts to a blank Pattern for me

with Sequences . . . you’re not chaining the Patterns themselves, strictly speaking. you’re assigning a given Pattern on a given Track to a given Sequence. and then individual Sequences can be arranged in however order you want to create a complete song. so yes, it’s important to note what Pattern does what (P1 = Intro, P2 = verse, P3 = chorus etc.) but ultimately they’re just building blocks for Tracks, which are building blocks for Sequences.

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I see. I understand that you can also hold down "step and “track” at the same time to select patterns. When I am in track 1 pad 1, and I hold “STEP” and hit the track two button (alternate method of selecting patterns) I can see the display says I am now in P2. The problem is my new P2 contains all the sequence data from P1 and is not empty, or at least it doesn’t appear to be, and if I delete anything on this pattern, it will also edit the data on P1 and reflect any changes you made to P2. When you create this new pattern, what do you do next to record without previous data being on that pattern? I use live mode. I understand you need to hold down “2nd” and “track” to activate pattern mode, which I did.