Issue with chords and monophonic synth

Hi guys,

I am experiencing something weird.
I am playing 3-note chords on the Pyramid, connected to a synth in mono mode (the idea is to use these three notes later when I turn on the synth arpeggio mode). When I play them, actually the synth only plays the highest note of them, and when I start recording in Live mode it sounds the same. But once I’ve finished recording and play back what I have recorded, the synth plays random notes of these chords. So what I hear during playback is not what I heard during recording.
I’ve tried this with different synths in mono mode, same issue.

Any ideas why?

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Reply from Squarp: “Thanks for the vids, actually we already this behavior and we can’t do anything for it right now as it implies a lot of parts in the code.”


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I maybe stating the obvious here. But can you not use the Arp FX on the Pyramid for the playback?

The problem is not with the arpeggio itself. I just mentioned the reason why I first play and record chords and then play them in mono mode and not in poly mode.

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I would just make two patterns, one with the mono notes, and the other with the chord notes - it’s not perfect, but it’s a potential workaround. It would also allow you to better specify which notes in the chord you want played.