Issue with CC messages automation

Step Mode.
I seem to be unable to fill individual steps with a selected CC message level. After adjusting a CC message level, as soon as I press one selected step, then not only that step but all the following steps (all the way to the 16th step) get that level of CC message.

All I wanted was for that specific step and only that specific step to get the CC message level, not all the others.

For example after adjusting a CC message level to “80” I choose to press a single step, say “5”. I expect that only step 5 will get CC message level = 80.

But what happens is that not only step 5 get that message, but also all the following steps 6,7,8, …16. The only way to keep only step 5 with that message is to press step 6 (the step immediately following step 5) which restores the initial level to the ulterior steps 6,…16.
Not a big deal, but kind of annoying.

From my understanding of the manual it should be easy to select individual steps for a specific message level.

So bottom line, how can I specify a CC message to apply to one step only ?

Do the pads for steps 6,7,&8 light up?

it follows the model of (daw) automation, not the elektron per step model.

so if you apply a modulation to step 5, it will affect all subsequent steps that have not been assigned a level.

so if you want to apply a modulation only to step 5, you need to ‘reset it’ on step 6.

(there is no concept of current value, where you can deviate from and return too , ala Elektron)

both approaches have merits, e.g. this model is what you’d expect for a ‘continuous’ control (i.e. it stays at last modulation value till changed) … but for sure the Elektron per step is also fun to use.


Thanks !
I understand now.
It’s just that this feature or mode of operation is maybe not as clearly explained as it could be in the manual’s relevant section:

But you clarified the whole thing, and I can deal with this much better knowing that I am not missing something or improperly using Pyramid.

Nope, just the activated step 5.
But Technobear clarified the situation !

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