Is this the original power supply?

is this the original power supply?

this one says it’s 5V but it outputs 8V (7 when loaded) and when turned on the pyramid says “press and light 8 menu pads” (when the pyramid is powered with 5V it works normally)

7V holy crap, NO! You’ll fry that poor thing! Don’t know about the european version, but mine’s just a regular 5V USB adapter providing 1.0A or so. I don’t even use it anyway, my Pyramid gets fed both data and power over USB from a RaspberryPI3 port, which is itself powered by a proper 3A adapter.

this also looks like a regular 5v usb supply, it’s just broken somehow. my question is whether it’s the original supply squarp includes with the pyramid or is it just some random noname adapter someone bought somewhere else

Based on the model number, yes that’s the original power supply.