Is this possible?

I have a roland system-8 and XV-5080.

I would like to sequence the system-8 and XV-5080 with the Pyramid, from the keys NOT the Pyramid pads.

I will be using the S8 keyboard to control the XV (which is a module)

The XV has midi thru.

I am not good with midi at all, can I do all this without any additional splitters or hubs?


Sure you can. Other possibilities exist, but for example:

System 8 midi out -> Pyramid midi in
Pyramid midi A out -> System 8 midi in
Pyramid midi B out -> XV-5080 midi in

This doesn’t exclude using the Pyramid pads in any way.

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Hi thanks. Sorry I am stupid but I would normally have a midi cable from the system-8 midi OUT to the XV-5080 midi IN to control the XV since it has no keys… but here both midi IN and OUT on the system-8 go to the Pyramid.

Can I still control the XV without a cable going directly into it?

The short answer: yes, of course.

If you want to use Pyramid for sequencing both, then you need to have Pyramid in the center of everything. Like this:

Controller -> Sequencer -> Synth 1
                       \-> Synth 2

So in your setup the S8 is both the Controller and Synth1, and XV is Synth2.
The S8 keyboard is just a “dumb controller” here and could be replaced with any separate MIDI keyboard, which talks to Pyramid, and it’s actually the Pyramid which “plays” both instruments.

Edit: Note that you’ll want to set the S8 “local control” setting to off, to disable the direct connection between its keyboard and sound module in this setup.

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