Is this a normal behaviour? Mode switch issue

Basically when you are on live mode and you press the other mode buttons, if you press once quickly it switches, but if you hold it doesnt? sometimes it gets stuck! (only got the pyramid MK1 2 days ago second hand, and the psu blew straight away :frowning: it is OS 3, and my friend who had one for a while says is not a normal behaviour!) thank you!
I love it btw, best thing eva!

yes, if you press and hold, you can ‘peek’ another mode, when you release you go back to previous mode. by fast press+release you switch to it, it’s a feature.

can’t say anything about the PSU though.

Thank you!! it sounded like a feature, i was just worried as my friend said it was not :slight_smile: cheers :slight_smile: