Is there anything I should know before buying the Pyramid MK3

Is there is any pro and cons or tips I should know before I buy this ?

Like, buy a SD card because it doesn’t come with it ?

I was shocked that Korg Volca Drum didn’t come with a power supply.

Besides this, I have 2 question.

  1. Is the wood panel for Squarp Pyramid worth it ?

I’m considering this because I’m afraid to feel neck pain if I keep looking at this and edit.

  1. Is there a chance that Pyramid 2 might come out sometime soon ?

I’m afraid after I buy this and later the Pyramid 2 might be announced…

Thanks in advance.

Just received one without making a thread like this

  1. Comes with SD card, don’t know the size.
  2. Comes with a USB Mini power supply.
  3. IDK if the wood panel is worth it ergonomics-wise, but it’s quite stylish.
  4. There is 0 talk about this so I don’t expect a Pyramid 2 any time soon. Maybe a Pyramid MK4 with UI and panel improvements. It’s an ecosystem as it is.

I’ll add onto that, Pyramid’s included power supply has an american plug, you would need to get an adapter for any other region.

Um. The power supplyl I received certainly was EU style, which is what I would expect from an European manufacturer.

Maybe, just maybe they adapt what they send based on where they’re sending it…

I ordered from Israel, which uses EU plugs, and was sent an american-plug PSU.

Maybe, just maybe, they don’t know what Israel uses and they assumed. Either way, it was a mistake.

And Maybe, the secondary “just maybe” wasn’t necessary for your point.

You know what they say about assumptions, and there’s a whole bunch of them going on in here :joy:

I assumed you were in the US for receiving such a supply. You assumed that everybody gets an US PSU because you did, and that the OP was not from US for needing an adapter because of that.

Yes, and all of those assumptions were absolutely fine if they are not overlaid with disrespect.

I digress, no harm done. Thank you for replying.

Assumptions and deductions from personal experiences are absolutely fine when communicated as such. Presenting either kind as an undisputed fact is where things come problematic, especially in a thread asking for advice on the subject.

Anyway, enuff on the topic from my side.

One feature mine had when it arrived is that the main encoder (you know, the one used for literally anything you’re going to do with the machine) doesn’t work. Fancy!

I wasn’t intending to present it as fact, but it may have come off that way due to my assumption.

Anyway, make sure perhaps to contact their support about the plug or at least note your desired plug in the purchase itself.

Hi, I just bought a Pyramid directly from the website. I live in Portugal and received an american-plug, I found it very strange so I emailed them asking if this is a standard thing or was a mistake.
They answered me very fast saying it was a mistake and offered to send me an EU plug this week.