Is there a way to set bpm change as part of a pattern or automation?

I suspect not after skimming the manual, but maybe one of you knows a trick. Thanks.

There is not


Would it be possible in the future?

I mean, I’m not sure that for live context the jump to BPM when loading a project B for example would be the most efficient way to make transitions sound good.
A way to change BPM in a playing context like being triggered by an automation would be cool.

Or change track elasticity in automation? Possible?

these would be great. Along these lines I was experimenting last night to see if i could modulate the tempo via external midi clock sync. (would have tried with the gate input, but the modular is on the other side of the room). So, i modulated the clock on my modular, sent it to my acme 4 clock thingee, and sent that to the hapax.

it works pretty well, but if you make the changes too dramatic the hapax will just stop. but it seemed to be working fairly well.

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Bumping this thread, as I would love to know how/if people already used Hapax for live events.
How would you handle BPM changes? Especially for a pre composed live.

I tried with elasticity and this can make interesting situation, but the big problem with elasticity is that pattern triggering and run modes are binded to the main BPM.

I think that if there’s not a hardware and/or firmware limitation, the Hapax would benefit a lot from having BPM manipulation in other context than only from the BPM menu. Especially for instant BPM change.

Please team, hear me :hugs:

i haven’t gotten this as far as figuring out transitions between Proj A and Proj B when each has a different BPM, but since i will be running my MPC One from Hapax during live sets, i’m envisioning having short transition projects, basically just a solo drum pattern on the RD-9 or Digitone, that can bridge the gap while i load the next song’s set of MPC samples. which may have the added benefit of letting me manually tweak the Hapax BPM up/down to match the new BPM of the next song

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I tend to manually do BPM changes via slighty clunky transitions. For example, I end on a chord, while it is ringing out, I adjust the bpm and then quickly start the other project. Typically, I am using manual transitions with 8 bar switching so I can set the transition ahead of time. On one project, I might change to all empty patterns and, on the second project, select a few patterns to play when the 9th bar comes around. You can see that in this video. I also might use non-hapax instruments to fill the time while I switch. Sometimes, I manually change the bpm while the track is playing.

It would be nice to automate some of this, but what I actually was after when creating this thread, was bpm changes multiple times per sequence - think speeding up or slowing down drums.

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The live I’m planning to play is a bit special, as I will also control a video game I’m making through midi send.
The thing is that my transitions are a bit abrupt and I need to constantly send midi steps to the game.
Also I always build my lives around many different bpm, and switching manually makes the transitions less interesting IMO.

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