Is there a way to sequence a 'play' message for other sequencers?

I’m trying to figure out ways I could remotely start sequencers, like ones embedded in synths via programming. That is, I don’t want the play to send when I press play on the sequencer, but for some midi channel I’d like to control when the play is sent.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this? The best I have is some kinda intermediate device that translates a CC or special note or something to a ‘play’ sequencer message.


Event processor


alright - that’s what I figured. Do you know of any good ones?

The only one I have direct experience with is the BomeBox running MIDI Translator Pro. I use it quite a bit with logic statements, global variables, etc. If some of the others can do it, I’m not sure (See also MIDI Solutions Event Processor, MIDI Hub, Retrokits RK-002 “smart” MIDI Cable, etc) I’m sure Technobear will probably pipe up with his experiences with MIDIHub. The only people I “know” who use the MIDI Solutions or Retrokits are on Elektronauts.

Basically with Bome MTPro any MIDI Event can be translated to a different MIDI Event or series of Events, including storing or reading variables. If you use a computer (and have no issue with one if/when you’re performing or doing what you do with your rig), you can also configure keyboard buttons to ‘do things’.

Note: Just so this bit of info is in your head, it’s my understanding that the MIDI Standard usually says a Sequencer Start needs to be followed by a Clock Event, but I’m assuming this point is moot since the Clock would be running already. If you went the other way (starting the alternative sequencer that isn’t Clock Master first wouldn’t be possible in my understanding). That bit of info might factor into your ‘can I do this thing I’m thinking’ process.

Plus like Squarp, Bome has amazing support & customer service.

Edit to add: If you’re not against sticking a computer in your data chain at least for testing, you can start off with MIDI Translator Pro before investing in the hardware. I think you can even try the Demo version first (just can’t Save anything I think) to see if it works for you.


I recommend checking out the Blokas midihub, it’s also capable of doing this.

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these are good suggestions, thanks. The only event processor i’ve come across is the midi solutions one and well, besides being expensive iirc it didn’t seem that straight forward to program.

I wasn’t aware of these power boxes like the bomebox or the blokas midihub - these look really interesting to me. I’ll be checking em out, thanks a ton

For simple stuff like that if you don’t need anything else, the retrokits cable is probably the cheapest option. But it’ll work for one device or chain of devices only. If you want to separately control more than one sequencer you’ll need a RK002 cable for each because Start-Stop messages are channel independent.

Some synths have built in features that can take care of it, like the Arturia Minibrute2 (and probably their other models as well). Very convenient!