Is my beloved Hermod Dead now?

Hello there.

I plugged in a Midi Cable intro the midi input (from a keystep) and I got a little spark, followed by that nasty “burnt electronics” smell.

Hermod instantly tried to restart, but then it was just all lights on and the display went blank (but background lit).
I restarted the cases power supply and still just all lights on (white) and a blank display.

Also it doesn’t react to holding the encoder while powering up.

What could this be? What could I try now?

…and how ist that even possible? i mean, from the midi Input?
It was running perfectly for months now, also with different midi Keyboards and sequencers.

Help : ((

Ouch, sounds bad… sorry to hear that…

if you’re not getting the bootloader to come up, then something unfortunately sounds frazzled :frowning:

Ive not heard of this before here… and we all plug things in/out a lot , so definitely not ‘normal’.

from the description, sounds like a short - but thats obviously indicates a fault somewhere - connectors? cables? rack power/grounding? keystep?
unfortunately, it’d just be speculation to say what the cause is - you need to check and test everything - making an assumption could prove costly ( as something else could go pop :frowning: ).

anyway, next step - you’ll have to contact squarp via the contact page and see what they suggest.

hopefuly they can take a look at the hermod, and check to see if they can not only fix it, but also see if anything on the hermod points to the underlying cause.

good luck hope you can get it fixed soon

Ooh, yeah, that’s bad news, very sorry to hear that too.

Definitely get in touch with us through the contact form, we’ll see what we can do.


It’s alive!!!
That was super fast and uncomplicated!
:heart: :heart:Thanks for the repair! :heart: :heart:


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