Is it possible to sync the Pyramid to Ableton using CV Tools?

Posted this in the wrong area before:

I am trying to sync my hardware synths and drum machines by sending CV clock sync from ableton to the Pyramid’s CV input. And then from the Pyramid, sending MIDI DIN out to my hardware via a Kenton thru box.

I could use an Expert sleepers ES3 to get the CV out from the CV Tools App, but I have read that for Clock only, I may just need an audio cable. Is this true?

I got a TS 1/4 to TS 3.55mm cable and activated the CV Clock app in Ableton. The audio pulses are sending out of my RME interface, as I see the signal in the faders. But the squarp does not start even though I set it up in the settings to receive start stop via CV.

Tried multiple outs, multiple configurations in Ableton and nothing.

I am able to sync the Pyramid to Ableton using the USB sync, but I’d love to get CV going if at all possible. Any ideas on why its not working?

Quick update, I used the info section to make sure the Squarp is getting CV and it is. I was able to get signal from the interface into it, but the BPM is all over the place.

What happens is that the Squarp starts but when it gets the signal it plays out of time and oddly. For example, I have a project at 120 BPM in Ableton. When I send to the Squarp the tempo of the Squarp is at around 56.7. I am messing with different settings - 1 beat, 48 PPQM…etc and I get different results. At 48PPQM the tempo on the Pyramid still says 56.7 but the sequencer steps fly by really quickly.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong here? Feel like I am close. I also ordered a TRS 1/4 to 3.5mm cable to see if that fixes it, but I am not sure when I will get it since its coming from overseas.

Check my response on your other post.

I assume your using the es-3 and have tested that with your rack first, and know it’s clock output rate.
So you know the clock signal is ok.

Then check pyramid settings for input sync, I usually use 24 ppqn
Also check you have disabled all midi in clock , so both usb and din. and double check in midi log that your not getting any midi clock in.

From your description , your either getting double clocks or your sync rate is wrong.

As for pads, check you are right zoom setting :wink:

Hi actually I am not using the ES3, just considering getting one. I am sending clock from Ableton’s CV Tool plugin called Clock Out from my interface to the Pyramid and using a 1/4 to 3.5mm cable. I have a cable coming that is TRS to 3.5 TS, which is probably better suited for this so that may fix my problem, but I am not sure.

But I checked in monitoring and I feel like the amount of MV coming in may be too low. It may be the cable. The MV will start at 1200 or so and gradually drop below 500 while the sequence plays.

Ill probably not pursue this any more and just use USB until the new cable comes. Sucks because I was thinking I could have my hardware sequencer synced tight to my DAW so recording the hardware would be jitter free.

The USB is probably good enough but the Pyramiod having CV is a really nice advantage for getting better sync, I just can’t seem to get it to work.