Is it possible to enter notes 'live' but in step mode?

New Pyramid user here coming from an MPC 1000. Step Mode on the MPC allowed you to enter notes over MIDI with each note entered progressing to the next step automatically, allowing you to, say, play a scale ‘live’ and it would record all the notes over a 16 step pattern, for example.

I’m not finding any way of doing this on the Pyramid, only selecting a note on MIDI keyboard (or Pyramid) then going to the Pyramid to press in the steps that you want to contain that note. So it’s basically a two step process as opposed to a single step process to enter notes as described above.

To be clear - I’m not talking about Live mode, which from what I can see is just hitting record and playing along with whatever else you’ve got going on. I’m talking about Step mode, but where you can record notes simultaniously across a pattern without having to >press note on keyboard >press step on sequencer, repeat.

Apologies if I’ve missed this somewhere really obvious!

no this is not possible.

but will also add (1) between either entering notes via external keyboard or just using the encoder dial to turn up a stepped scale, note by note, it becomes second nature pretty quickly; and (2) applying an UP (or DOWN) Arp FX to a Track can get you to the same place by loading up all the notes in the scale you want to play on the first step of a Pattern and extending the sustain value to 16 (for one 4/4 bar)

Thanks for the replies and confirming. @chrisroland Sure, it’s not particularly arduous just an adjustment for me :slight_smile: I’ll get into the swing of it.

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