Is it possible to Control euclidian parameters of a track with midi?

how would I go about such a thing ?

All effect parameters can be controlled in the ModMatrix by either CV A-D oder Midi CC data. So I guess you would control your Euclidian parameters with Midi CC.

Hey there,
I’m also trying to do so but couldn’t put my hands on the Midi CC mapping table for the euclidian parameters. Any idea where to find that? Thanks a lot!

I remember I did this quite some time ago. But I abandoned the idea because I found the lack of visual feedback was a problem for me. If you want to see what you are doing, you have to go that specific parameter, and even then, you can only see one parameter at a time.
I now have the Expert Sleepers FH-2 (also a tiny display) where as soon as I move the assigned controller (from Faderfox EC4), the display shows all parameters of the euclidean (in numbers as well as graphicly).

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