Integration with MioXM

Greetings. My Hapax arrived yesterday and I’m just learning.

I have a number of devices that want to plug into a USB host.

Pre-Hapax, I routed my MIDI through an iConnectivity MioXM hub, which works great. Each device appears as its own 16 channel port, and the MioXM works as a multiple USB host.

Is there a way to integrate the two right now? Obviously, if the Hapax worked with USB hubs, that would be a solution. But since it doesn’t, I’m trying to find a way to make it work.

I am currently running my Linnstrument into the Hapax USB host port, and my iPad into the Hapax USB client port. But I’d also like to hook up my Continuumini, which only takes MIDI over USB, and cannot be a host. This is where I get stuck.

I could, for instance, plug the Hapax USB-B into one of the MioXM USB host ports and then set up the iPad and Continuumini to listen on different channels (1-8 vs 9-16) and play splits on my Linnstrument, but would that work on a single track?


I have my mio connected to the USB client port on my Hapax and it seems fine (with the exception of a few times where the MIDI connection has dropped, but I actually think that’s a Hapax issue). I have it connected just the same as my other devices using USB MIDI.

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Thanks. So you just have different devices listening on different channels? Or does the Hapax recognize different ports?

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Everything is on a different channel, yes.

Same here, hapax as a usb midi device into xm.
Everything else into xm

All on different midi channel.

I’ve a couple of different presets on xm,
One that everything goes direct each other
One that everything gives via hapax
One that everything goes via daw

Mpe is ‘problematic’ so currently I’ve just be plugging in directly where I need it , so into Mac or hapax.

What I’m considering doing is using another IO set on the mioXM dedicated to MPE.

Whilst I have many MPE controllers ( Erae, eiigenharps, soundplane) I tend to use software synths for voices … so it’s just the input that’s the main issue … that said, that’ll change when the Osmose arrives … and also considering a Haken Eurorack module.

I’ve asked Squarp about implementing multiple usb ‘ports’ over device connection … this would really help. So fingers crossed on that one!

But honestly ,I’ve learnt over the year , whilst a fully connected/ready to go setup is generally a good idea.
… sometimes it’s easier to just pull what you need together.
This is why I’ve ( currently) just got usb midi into hapax , so I can quickly remove it and use it elsewhere on its own with other gear.

But hey, setups are really personal …as tends to be a
Bunch of pro/cons and so compromises - it’s taken me a while to where I’m happy.

That’s said, I need a bunch of longer cables , so that things can be where they ‘should’ be rather than where they fit :laughing:


I also sent in a request. That would solve the problem.

For me mise-en-place is essential. I literally get nothing done if I have to “pull what I need together.”

Cables are always the hidden expense! I need a couple more now that I have the Hapax.