Integrating the Pyramid with Toraiz SP16

Hi all, I bought a Pyramid in 2016 and had a blast with it for a year, but I ended up selling it on and moving back to software sequencing. Forward to 2019, here I am back in the hardware sequencer world, now using a Toraiz SP16. The problem is the SP16 has its limitations when it comes to chords/arpeggios, but is great for drum sequencing.

My question is: is it possible to slave the Pyramid to the SP16 and have the Pyramid just handle chord/arp duties? If so, how would this work - I’m assuming pressing a pad on the SP16 would trigger the Pyramid to play the same note (with or without an arp on the track), which would then send along the signal to a synth? I’ve never tried chaining together multiple hardware sequencers, so this is a new world for me.

not knowing the SP16, but I think it sends out Midiclock … you can set the Pyramid to External Sync , connect MidiOut of the SP16 to Midi In of the Pyra

then it should play in the same Tempo when hit start on the SP16.

But be aware that there are timing issues when the Sp16 should be slaved to Midiclock . I wouldn’t count on it.
But having the Lyra synced to it should be ok.

They sync together nicely…
Decide which is to be the master, and which is to be the servant device. Make sure that receive midi clock is enabled and then connect midi out (of the master) to the input of the servant, and it should work perfectly.

For example:
Choosing Pyramid as the master device, turn on midi out and thru for output A
Enable send clock, and start/stop
Connect output A to the input of the SP-16

On the SP-16, enable receive midi clock.

Press play on the Pyramid. The SP-16 will start, and play in time with the Pyramid.
You can even program notes on the SP-16 from the Pyramid to get around their pattern length limitations.
Works like a charm.

FWIW, I use the SP16 slaved without a single hint of an issue.