Instrument Defs not loading

New owner. Downloaded the defs for my instruments and they all appear in the CALL list but only 1 out of the 8 I have downloaded off here actually load. I click to select it and nothing happens.
Anything I should check with the text files? Any common errors I may have missed in the formatting or something? I copied and pasted them from the forum into .txt files. All I changed were the Output and channel numbers.

Latest OS 4.02

My last used project doesn’t load on startup either.

what has occurred in between these working and not?

upgraded OS? copying things on desktop computer?

this should not be a problem, but starting point has to be ‘whats changed’

unfortunately if nothing has changed… it could point to an sdcard failure, esp as the two things (defs/projects) are not really related.
in this case, Id backup the sdcard, and then reformat , or better still try with another sdcard.

(sdcard do NOT often fail, but its not unknown, and much more likely than say a hardware failure)

for the instrument defs, could just be formatting…
compare ones that do work with ones that don’t.
main thing is to ensure that you are saving files as PLAIN text… with no special characters

and make sure that you stick to the rules about length of names and such like.
(but if you’re copying one from forum, id guess they will already have been tested)

Not sure what’s going on with them. I’m on a Mac so I’m guessing its an issue here. Ive got it set up to be plain text files. They load ok when I make them and add name output and channel, but as soon as I cut and paste any thing from he site they fail. Ive tried applying ‘make plain text’ and saving after that to no avail.

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